Best Chocolate Cake


❤️ Moist Chocolate Cake
(Mold size: 16cm*7cm)
50 g unsalted butter
55 g dark chocolate
35 g heavy cream

1 egg

3 yolk
5ml (1tsp) vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

15g of cocoa powder
45 g cake flour
15g almond powder

15g milk

3 egg whites
65 g sugar

How to make:
1. Mix the powder in advance.
2. Melted the chocolate, butter and heavy cream.
3. Add 1 egg room temperature, mix.
4. Add 3 yolk, salt & vanilla, mix well.
5. Add flour mixture. Mix well. Add warm milk, mix well, set aside. (Make sure the dough doesnt get cold.
6. Mix egg whites with hand mixer at low speed. Divide the sugar 3 times and add.
7. Mix until reach soft peaks.
8. Divide the meringue 3 times and mix well
9. Put into the 16 cm mold.
10. After preheating oven to 180°C, bake at 170°C for 35 minutes.
11. Let it. Cool and set aside.

❤️Chocolate Buttercream
75g Hot Heavy Cream
50g lcing sugar
¼ tsp salt

75g Dark Chocolate

160g unsalted butter
20g Cocoa Powder

How to make:
1. Hot Heavy cream, icing sugar and salt, mix well.
2. Then add dark chocolate, wait 40 second, and then mix well. Let it cool.
3. Mix butter with hand mixer for 1 minute, add Chocolate mixture and cocoa powder, mix with low speed.

❤️ Chocolate Mirror Glazing
57g water
60 g sugar
90g starch syrup (or glucose)

7g powdered gelatin + 35g water

50 g condensed milk

95 g Melted Dark chocolate

How to make:
1. Weigh water, sugar and starch syrup or glucose
2. Mix and Heat until 104°C (218°F)
3. Turn off heat and add gelatin, mix, let it cool under 55°C.
4. Add condensed milk (*condensed milk will separates when placed at high temperatures)
5. Add melt dark chocolate, mix well. Let it cool below 27°C before use.

❤️ Syrup
50 g water
35 g sugar
5 ml kahlua or rum How to make

How to make:
1. Weigh water and sugar
2. Melt the sugar in the microwave and
3. Add rum and mix and cool to room temperature.